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    Chinese Merchants Co.,Ltd. is a one stop source for sale, installation, before and after service of imported Laundry Washer Machine, Dry-cleaning Machine, Ironer Machine and Folder Machine, providing all the replacement parts and daily consumables for laundry use. The thorough service and supply of one stop make us have many different clients, from the smallest dry-cleaning shop to the high-class hotel, hospital, the largest industrial laundry factory and offshore platform.

    We have a large warehouse with all kinds of replacement parts and daily consumables as the guarantee for after service in China. It enables our clients get the replacement parts and daily consumables quickly during 10-25 years’ using of every Laundry Equipment. If you are in urgent need for the parts that are not in stock, we are able to have them drop shipped from their original factories to China in a short time.

     Our company has over 20 years of the before and after service experience. We have a well trained professional service team which could offer you thorough service. We offer many different kinds of replacement parts, ranging from the simplest gasket or hose to the most complex computerized drives and controllers, etc. We could help you examine the problems and find out the parts you needed. This is done professionally by our team. It will be easy for you to get the parts you need.

     Chinese Merchants Co.,Ltd. stick the principle: honest business and service with small and reasonable profits beneficial to both sides. Chinese Merchants promise to all the clients that we only offer original factory replacement parts, boycotting and never offering imitations or counterfeit!

     We are extremely competitive not only in price but also in huge stocks, high quality products and professional service. It’s your best choice to cooperate with us. Chinese Merchants will be beneficial to your development and support you to develop faster and better!

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